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Listen to these audios. You’ll find out why we started, what we do, how we do it and why we keep on growing. Be inspired by anecdotes and stories from people who have benefited from our unique approach.

An interesting perspective

Are you finding it harder to communicate with your children? Are you wasting your energy on ineffective discipline?
Feeling helpless and hopeless because, no matter what you try, it doesn’t work? If you’re caring for children and you feel like this, listen to this interview.
You don’t have to DO anything – just listen. It only takes 20 minutes – and it could change your life.


"The problem with our children is not enough of them have dreams. The problem with our adults is too many of them only ever dream. For a dream to come true, we have to realise that the first thing to do is WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING!"
Bill Cosby
Parents themselves are changing the culture of parenting in their community. This will change the fabric of our society from the inside out. It starts with the family – and in the family.