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These videos will give you a real insight into what we’re doing and how we are doing it. Prepare to be inspired.

The pace of change
Over the last 50 years, the relentless pace of change has brought with it intolerable social and financial pressures. For many of us, feelings and emotions have been dulled down until we have, almost literally, disconnected from our bodies. As a result, our behaviour has become little more than a series of, usually inappropriate, reactions to our experiences. And that leaves us unable to trust our instincts/gut ‘knowing’.

Adults who take the time to understand and develop themselves are better able to trust this vital power. They can raise their children to be aware of its importance – and teach them how to use it. We must empower our children to develop this skill because they will be responsible for the world’s future

If you have any doubt about how rapidly our world is changing, just watch these 2 videos. Without exception, everybody who has seen them is astonished at the rate of change and amount of information shown. Many adults already recognise things are changing fast… But even they don't fully appreciate what's happening around us and how it impacts us – especially our children.

We can no longer ignore the fact that today’s parents and teachers need new skills to pass to their children.
See the pace of change video.

Conscious parenting
Parenting today is not just about bringing up children. It's about bringing out their potential. When children experience strong emotions – and they do – few adults have the tools to respond appropriately. Without the right resources, children's behaviour can become a series of knee-jerk reactions that bring similar programmed reactions from their parent. The whole sorry cycle continues. And it will go on until we, as adults, do something to redirect these unchannelled energies.
Whether we’re aware of it or not, our emotions/feelings are felt/sensed in our bodies. They control how we respond to what happens to us. Until we can recognise our emotions and understand where they’re coming from, we can’t do anything to change them. And that’s why today's sensitive children are having such problems.
Children struggle because very few adults know how to teach them about emotions and feelings. On top of that, young people are more sensitive emotionally, physically and psychically than previous generations. The very positive bonus is that they visibly flourish in relationships where they are considered, valued and accepted, see the video.
"The problem with our children is not enough of them have dreams. The problem with our adults is too many of them only ever dream. For a dream to come true, we have to realise that the first thing to do is WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING!"
Bill Cosby

Parents themselves are changing the culture of parenting in their community. This will change the fabric of our society from the inside out. It starts with the family – and in the family.