A programme from Develop Your Child CIC

The Parent Champion Community Sessions

Our Parent Champion Community Sessions are a unique and safe place for parents and carers – no matter what the age of their children – to drop in and share their experiences. The first half is unstructured and is an opportunity for those attending to get to know each other, unload and share their experiences, thoughts and questions. The second half is structured and provides opportunities to explore different ways of being with their children and learn some new skills.

The informal, inspiring and friendly atmosphere engenders an easy trust and encouragement to share and learn from the experiences of other parents.

Sessions are facilitated by a Parent Champion (a parent who has successfully completed a Parent Champion course) and overseen by a Parent Champion Authorised Coach.

Our focus is on developing positive attitudes that lead to positive outcomes based on the Parent Champion approach. The ongoing nature of these sessions means that individuals can grow and develop at their own pace. The non-judgmental environment we create is particularly beneficial for parents suffering from loneliness, isolation and loss of confidence. Our experience is that, over time, the less confident parents become increasingly eager to attend and contribute to the sessions.

These sessions also provide opportunities for Parent Champions to build their confidence and improve their facilitation skills in a supported environment. Some go on to become fully qualified Parent Champion trainers.

Parents attending these sessions can choose to progress to our Parent Champion Level 1 course.