A programme from Develop Your Child CIC

Parent Champion Level 3

(formerly Develop Your Child - Family Coach Certificate)
This very successful course runs over 8 weeks and consists of a 2-hour session each week and is accredited by Open College Network (the adult learning body) equivalent to NVQ3 . Participants are required to commit to 100% attendance.

Criteria to attend: Successful completion of Parent Champion Level 2

This course builds on learning from Parent Champion Level 2, taking knowledge, understanding and practice of the 10 step toolkit to a higher level:

1) Thoughts become reality
Our thoughts affect our feelings, emotions and behaviours, these then become our reality

2) Create a different reality
We do have free will and can create a different reality for ourselves - one that empowers us

3) Influence is more effective than control

Recognising that successful parenting is about the quality of the relationship with our children makes it easier to make positive changes

4) Success breeds success
When we recognise and focus on our successes they happen more in our life

5) Listening at a deeper level
The power of listening at a deeper level is that you discover so much more, your child feels valued and really seen and you share a more profound connection

6) Powerful questions
One powerful question asked at the right moment opens a child up and unleashes so much of their potential

7) The importance of 'me' time
Understanding what REALLY matters to you and the importance of quality ‘me time’ - using SMART goals to create more of this in your life

8) Change your family dynamic
Recognising that by you changing, even just a little, your relationship with your children and the whole family dynamic changes

9) Connecting differently with your children
By reorienting to looking for potential rather than problems, you start to see much more potential and far fewer problems

10) Create a sustainable strategy
Drawing on everything you have learned you will be able to develop a strategy that works for yourself and your family to integrate all the changes you have made, as you move forward together. And your not alone because we have created the Parent Champion Community to support you.

Throughout this course you will continue to record your learning as with Parent Champion 2. You will also be provided with a workbook to record your experiences and outcomes as you apply these new skills at home with your family. This is an important aspect of the course.

For more detail and an overview of the training pathway for parents click here.