A programme from Develop Your Child CIC

Parent Champion Licensed Coach Training programme

You are a parent who has chosen to find a different way for your family - you have experienced first hand the challenges of breaking the cycle of reactive behaviours most parents are caught in - you are a true Parent Champion.

It is for you that this programme has been created.

As a graduate of levels 2 and 3 of our Parent Champion programme you have experienced the power of discovering more of who you are, the joy of helping other parents change their lives and you have seen children blossom into more confident and independent individuals. You are changing the fabric of our society from the inside out.

You have truly earned a place on our Parent Champion Licensed Coach Training programme.
Programme details
There is no set duration for this programme but it is intended that you should complete it within 1 year of commencing. The components that all have to be completed successfully:
  • 3 day intensive training that will deepen your knowledge and understanding of our unique approach and introduce you to our ISO 9001 Quality Management System and bespoke reporting system
  • Co-facilitation of one complete Parent Champion level 2 programme
  • Co-facilitation of one complete Parent Champion level 3 programme
  • Lead facilitation of one Parent Champion programme (this can be either level 2 or 3), supported by a qualified Parent Champion trainer
The programme is designed as a guided collaboration during which you will:
  • Be fully supported by members of the Parent Champion team
  • Explore how to use the architecture of tools and programmes to develop and expand your coaching skills
  • Master your own ‘energetic connection’ to enable a more powerful connection with the parents you work with
  • Discover your own unique approach to this work
Successful completion will mean:
  • You are a licensed, independent Parent Champion coach
  • You will be part of a dynamic team of Parent Champion coaches
  • You will receive ongoing support and training
  • You will have the potential to be paid to lead Community Sessions and Parent Champion 2 and 3 courses
Cost: Free in exchange for delivery of one complete Parent Champion course (either level) once licensed.